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Tanning Room

Airbrush Tanning

Norvell Airbrush Tanning is offered in our private suite by our Certified Master Technician Megan Bolz. $35 - client can shower in 8 hours $45 - client can shower in 1-3 hours. To schedule your appointment with Megan, call (706) 974-9348.

Day before or day of appointment:

Airbrush tan is applied to the top layer of skin, which is why dead skin cells should be exfoliated and removed in order to extend the life of your tan. Exfoliate your skin using a body wash with exfoliating beads. Or use a body scrub 24 hours before your appointment. These products can be purchased at any drugstore, and should be done the day before your airbrush tan appointment. When exfoliating pay special attention to your face, knees, elbows, ankles, feet, or any other areas where you have rough or dry skin. Shave before tanning.

Spray Tanner

Day of Appointment:

On the day of your airbrush appointment, take a shower to clean your skin, and remove all makeup. Do not apply lotions or perfumes, powder or deodorant. Wear loose-fitting clothing, and nothing that fits tightly, such as jeans that could rub the bronzer off. Take a bathing suit along to wear during the application procedure. For women having airbrush you may wear a bathing suit, underwear, or nude. Men must wear a bathing suit or shorts. After Application Wait at least 8 hours to shower (unless you have been airbrushed with the one hour spray) Moisture, even from sweating, can cause your bronze tan to run. DHA, the ingredient in airbrush tans, takes hours to fully activate and bring out your tan. To extend your tan, apply moisturizer every day and avoid hot baths or chlorine water. For more information on before and after care visit the Norvell website at: